Best Friends Forever


Around us.

Suround us.

Breathing for us when we stop.

Craddling us when we skin our knees.

Whipping tears away when we cry.

Forever In and Out.

Best Friends.

Holding us up when we are weak.

Becoming family when ours is gone.

Choosing us over anyone else.

Never letting us down.

Forever To Stay in our Heart.


Closer then close can be.

Understanding us more then we understand ourselves.

Trusting every word we say.

Living with us for days at a time before their parents want them home.

Leaving body impressions in our heart.

Forever more then Friends.


We always follow our hearts.

Never compromising each other's ideas or words.

Listening to the world bringing us down.

Seperating only to use the bathroom and do girl stuff.

Phone conversations for more then five hours about little things.

Maybe It doesn't seem like much, but the smile on your face brings one to my heart.

This is something I won't replace.

Teaching me new things.

Hopping that I won't reject your crazy family.

You never seem to care when I complain about boys being dumb.

I listen to you when you have a hard time.

I laugh when you cry because its so cute.

Not making fun of you, but letting you know that I care.

Trying to make it funny, trying to bring you up.

I don't think you understand the way I work.

But that's ok.

You get mad when I laugh.

You tell me I'm horrible.

You feel like I'm making it smaller then it is.

I just laugh more.

One day, you will understand it.

I promise it.

Maybe when we are older I'll explain it to you.

Till then, don't think too much about it.

We both don't want to be apart.

We both like being friends.

Seperation is a horrible nightmare that occurs when our parents want us home.

Oh well.

I guess it was fun while it lasted.

I'll see you tomorrow.

School is always such a pleasure so long as you're there.

Tomorrow I hope to see you smiling.

No tears.

No frowns.

Happiness all around us.

Ok kiddo?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To confused to think...frienships always get in the way of the heart. I guess we just have to live with it....

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