So ominous, this night.

Rain falls onto my nose.

And acidy taste lingers about.

I can't help but wonder.

Faster the rain falls,


Blacknes outlines the winking stars.

Loosely I translate the night's song.

How bittersweet mourning can be.

The ocean breeze has a pleasant aroma to it.

Standing with sand beneath my toes.

Bottled apathy inside me.

In a stretch, morning light.

Rough waves crash upon the shore line.

Like lemon, lingering here is sour,

I grab my shoes and sit.

Thousands of trailing thoughts.

Why do they bring me here?

Hollowing myself out slowly.

Each rain drop stings more then the last.

For  now the pain is buried deep.

Dormant, locked, brutual to the heart.

And so it falls, the rain.

Silently I wait.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old poem that I favor more then the rest.

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