There is this one place.

Of which I'll never go.

That place is haunting to me.

But you will never know.

The feelings that it gives me.

To know the person there.

To remember everything about her.

Every grin, every red hair.

She was alive and well and spunky.

Her confidence was strong.

And now she has become a part of me.

Because now I've gone.

She fills me up and comforts me.

I can feel her presence nearing.

But this place is still haunting me.

Leaving me with this feeling.

I cannot control what happened.

I cannot control what goes through my head.

But that cemetary gravestone.

Reminds me that she is dead.

I <3 You Laura Jean

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for the one that i love....and it's plain to see it's killing me, that everyday, when you're away, i fight myself so much.

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