ABC's of 1,2,-ME

Acceptance (of those around)

Beligerance (to those who hate)

Carelessness (with small things)

Diversion (to shift attention)

Energy (to run around people)

Fakeness (to keep on smiling)

Graciousness (wanted to respect)

Helpless (with activities)

Importance (to those around)

Justice (extreme situations)

Killing (stupid racism)

Laughter (that rings like a bell)

Malicious (intent to others)

Never (single minded)

Open (doors and windows)

Presiding (over silence)

Quiet (when need be right)

Resentful (for those who hate)

Sadistic (when no one cares)

Teaching (when people listen)

Understanding (nothing to mind)

Voiceful (compliments and criticism)

Wonder (nature's gift to man)

Xcellent (in almost nothing)

Young (for a while more)

Zany (more then anyone ever)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If a tree drops in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? My final answer, why is everyone wasting their life worrying about a tree falling over there when trees are falling in front of you?

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