the darkness outside refreshens my fear.

it lingers inside my thoughts.

i cannot escape the mental torture.

without the abuse that occurs.

crying and screaming in my heart.

i have no way to express this feeling.

why do i hate so well?

just leave me alone forever.

my inability to let go.

it has me stuck in a time capsle of years before.

like the lights turned out suddenly.

what is the point in this slaughter?

forgive me my innocence.

i am naught but a child inside.

maybe this is why i always run away.

with no excuse i pretend everything is alright.

feeling faint and dizzy right now.

nothing to withstand this instability.

i want to go away.

how ever long it takes to heal this wound.

there is nothing left to fear.

but do i know this truthfully?

i will have to learn to cope.

eventually i will become the master.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my coping skills suck... and the meds are driving me insane.. oh wait... that is just me....

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