No Need For Oxygen


I lay with my face up towards the sky.

Pretty stucco clouds greet me.

My insides roam around,

trying to all fit inside.

Old floors creak as my ego tries to find me.

Where has my mind gone?

It left when the heart stopped beating.

Those ceiling fan blades blow wind at my face.

Occasionally I remember to blink.

My pulse circulates without air and heart.

The darkness of the room comforts me,

I can't stand to remember where I am.

A soft bed becomes my grass,

letting me fall back and never wake up.

There is no sun.

Slowly my ego feeds back into my body,

seeping into my skin and jump starting me.

No need for oxygen when there is ego.

My heart refuses to return,

too scorned to try again.

Those pretty stucco clouds cover the sky.

I feel the weight of them against my chest.

Where has that sense of longing gone?

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