Someone's holding my hand as I slip through the unknowing knots of my childhood fears.

Prancing about in the obscinity that creates all of my deepest needs.

I cannot deny the feeling of perpetual bliss whilest I feel myself cradeled in your arms.

This acknowledgement of undying devotion stricks me as it should like Lightening under a willow tree.

Slowly melting away into your body, two auras completeing the other with opposite colors.

Without the revenge of god upon us, I can feel the revolving clock speed up into the future.

The blackened wings of a death angel constrict their grip around my neck, forcing me to choke and grab hold of myself.

A glancing cloud chances its luck upon me and I gasp for the air that I have been deprived from.

Too good to be true of thisie and everything that it brings.

Begging for forgiveness and hoping to be accepted by the one who tries to forego my life.

I can pray and try to become the thing that I hate which is what everyone so deeply feels pity for, but I willnot.

Judging by the only way I can feel, I need to be kept in tact within your killing grasp.

Murder me, o so beautiful, the way you take my life and end it with no remorse, only knowing that you will have it.

So percieve me as you wish, I am only a tool that you may use to reviece what ever it is that oyu are after.

I will bow to your whim, and I will stay in check if only you will tell me more of your pretty lies.

Tell me the things you know I wish to hear and the pain will subside all that faster.

Please do not deny me of my only fantasy in which you rescue yourself from the bleeding clutches of your own demise.

Confirm the feeling that I long to know of.

Just Tell Me That You Love Me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

god, you hate me don't you? i guess you've cursed me and him both huh? thanks a lot...

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