Betrayed by Flying

Nothing to compare with how you make me feel.

No words from my soul to tell me this is real.

Hands that cover my mouth to silence it all.

Legs that move to watch me trip and fall.

Laying on the silent ground, face full of dirt.

Watching you walk away was the worst hurt.

You expect me to pick up the pieces shattered.

Live my life as if I weren't broken and tattered.

Identifying with the rain.

I've gone to loose myself in the pain.

Cheating my way out of everything.

Lying awake bleeding my dream.

Houses flash before my eyes.

Gentle abuse that makes me cry.

A voice that whispers in my ear.

The words that I will ever hear.

End it now and save yourself.

I am the greatest pain you've felt.

Words that tickle my deserted heart.

Crushed innocence that leaves me dark.

Baby cries within the night.

Its too late when it comes to light.

Falling down when one should fly.

When I hit the bottom surely I will die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

blah blah blah. another day....last study hall....

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