Fighting For Life

I fell from my throne today.

Broke my ego on the way down,

sprained my luck too.

Where am I going to go?

Wandered the streets of hopelessness today,

felt the familiar sting of guilt build up.

I am too tired to think of revenge.

Will there ever be an end to the searching?

I pressed on through the jungles of hate,

slashing the vines that curled themselves all around me.

No more suffocating myself.

But when will I get back home?

Made it to the mountain peak of freedom today.

I shouted to the highest heavens,

filling myself with the chance to start over.

You weren't there, and it was easy.

When we meet next, will I still be this strong?

Saw you today,

I buried myself underground,

living off of my self pity and my self hate.

All the happiness we had rushed back.

Why can't I be stronger?

Was pulled back out into the world,

a helping hand forcing me to cross the desert of insecurity.

I let myself be thrown around,

but I made it out alive.

Where do I got from here?

My heart led me to a giant hole in the ground.

Bottomless and dark, you pushed me in when I went to hold you.

I fell, the air craddling me but dropping me faster.

What is happening?


I hit the water with a crashing sound,

the darkness engulfing me and keeping me nervous.

But the waves are gentle, carresing my sore body.

I see light towards a small opening.

Swimming tires me out, and I fight my way to that light.

Is this heaven?

The sun carries me to the shore,

it dries my clothes and my tears and holds me.

I am warm and I am whole.

There is a man and woman in front of me.

Their semi-wrinkled hands extend to grab mine.

Do I trust them?

The water disappears behind me.

The hole closes up forever.

The desert buds with flowers.

The worms take back their underground.

The mountain peak reclaims its solid glory.

The jungles twist around someone else,

As I walk the streets of a new place.

I touch the people's hands as I pass.

They all lead me to a throne,

a thick gold one with steady feet to hold me secure.

I walk to it and sit.

It fits.

Everyone hugs me and tells me I'll do fine.

I am home, and you exist no where.

Not so long as I fight to keep myself alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All I need to do is make it through, I'll find my way towards something new, and be careful what you say or do, because someone will leave just like you.

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