One Kiss

i kissed you once.

and you held me close.

but after that,

we no longer talked.

all we were,

was something inbetween.

not friends,

but not lovers.

we were mistakes.

i held my tears.

you held your tongue.

neither of us would admit to foul interest.

but it existed.

we carried on.

with love and life.

i found him endering,

you found her charming.

i eyed you still,

you dreamed of me fondly.

but neither of us could say,

how we felt so deep inside.

that day i kissed you again.

clad in white and drapped in pearls.

you wore a flower just like him,

to match my boquet.

a while later,

you kissed me too.

in his house, we were alone.

my children out to play.

we kissed some more.

when they returned,

we seperated.

i lay in bed with him,

and you with her,

exchanging thoughts of each other.

years passed by,

and he died so soon.

few months later,

she fell ill.

it happened so fast.

now we were alone.

in houses so empty.

both desperate to see,

if we could kiss again.

but we didn't even try,

the kids moved out,

and into the world they went,

lips so fresh and new,

waiting to find that one.

i answered my door,

and there you stood.

clad in a flower,

that matched my dress.

you handed me a note,

and attached was a ring.

my eyes welt up with tears,

at your gesture, oh so small.

as we lay in bed,

our lives ticking away so fast,

we brought our lips together,

and kissed our very last time.

in the morning we were found,

holding on to each other.

our lips still rosey and pink,

but our bodies cold and gone.

we had finally found some peace,

in the kiss of one another.

what ever took us so long?

to see what one kiss could do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

your sweet lips against my lips, like the sparks in our touching fingertips, i just can't wait to have more...

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