Mrs. Fluff and Snuggles

Snuggles and Mrs. Fluff woke up in a dark and moist cave, confused and disoriented. They couldn’t remember how they had gotten there, or the last thing they had done. At last they gathered their strength and went outside, not knowing what to expect.

-Gee Mrs. Fluff, do you know what the heck happened? -Snuggles said quite scared and nervous.

- Oh Dear. Where are we? Where’s my family? – Cried out the desperate mom.

-I’m scared. I want to go home.

-There there honey, everything is going to be okey. –Mrs. Snuggle said as she consoled the little bunny. -Lets go outside and try to find them.

Snuggles and Mrs. Fluff started to walk aimlessly through the cave, looking for an exit. The dark and worried eyes of the old bunny looked at the poor young little thing, and started to sing a tune, to sooth him and try to calm him.

-"Soft bunny, warm bunny little ball of fur, happy bunny…."

-WAIT! Can you hold my hand as you sing?

- Sure thing honey -she said and continue the song.- "...sleepy bunny..."

-No, that’s not right, from the start again.

-"Soft bunny, warm bunny little ball of fur, happy bunny, sleepy bunny, prr prrr prrrr".

-Look!- cried out Snuggles.- I found my friend’s house.-

They looked everywhere but couldn’t find any trace of any of them. After a long search, they decided to keep walking, to try and find the end of that huge cave.

It felt as if a whole day had past, before they finally found the light at the end of the tunnel, they came out and everything looked different, there was grass and trees but they looked as if they had lost all the life that used to be in them. Everywhere there was silence. They kept walking looking for somebody but there was no one to be found.

Finally, Mrs. Fluff pointed at a bush that seemed to be moving, slowly a fox came out from it. He stared at them for just a second, and then, he simply vanished. Puff.

Snuggles ran to where he used to be, leaving Mrs. Fluff behind.

-Wait!- She cried out. -These old legs can’t run like they used to.

Snuggles kept running and running until he arrived at a familiar old lake, but it was nothing like he remember it, the water wasn’t crystal clear and the trees didn’t sing anymore, there were no more dancing frogs or colorful fishes.

Mrs. Fluff finally caught up with the little bunny and held his paw, she held it tight as she caught her breath. A single noise came out of her mouth but then nothing else did. Puff. She wasn’t there anymore. She had left him, alone, with his paw hanging to nothing. The little bunny stared at were Mrs. Fluff was supposed to be, there were parts missing, the path were he came from wasn’t there. He looked down, there was nothing there to stand on. Puff.


The end.

Written by Alexis and me

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