Waking Age

Love is no stranger

Yet it would purposely a wait

The demise of my elongation

The diminution of my hate

A transient passion

Once, solely desired

Sought to forward the exasperation of my heart-

-when acquired

A twilight zone at-

-too much of my dismay

Where life secedes and I forgo my stay

My affection once mirrored to the parallels of love and lust

Hence the trust

So where am I-?

-This day is waking age?

Bound by ridicule?

Fused with anger and rage?

I do fall victim

But voluntarily I give-

-The vitality of which I need to live.

My mind has succumbed to what I do detest        

The Mind is willing-

-The Body needs rest

Rest from the intentions love-

-Now misconstrues

And I am the lover distraught-

-Accentuating the blues

Futility consumes my mental frame

Ever since love came-

-Came and conquered the bewilderment of my heart

"The Waking Age" is only the start.

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