Maybe Love Will Flourish In My Case

Suppression of my love

Seclusion of my heart

Trivialized endurance

Amplest start

Anonymous hatred

For which you acquired

Multitudinous ambiguity

And frankly I'm tired

Submersible ignorance

Faulting my affliction

I was only dumbfounded

Being implausible of my contradiction

Prolonged anticipation

Indulging in hallucinosis because of a contiguous touch

Life secedes me

In spite of it

I have to embrace this rush

(Somethings telling me to)

Seclude the love

Heed the passion

Acknowledge the urge

Embrace the chemistry

That's about to emerge

Insinuative of my conscious

Unto my puzzling refrain

Forbearing the truth

The truth that I can't maintain

Is that I want you here

However, there is shadowless thoughts

Of faintish fear

To entice love

But what of it to entice me back?

Leaves me depriven'

And I irascible

So I exclude livin'

But what I ponder

Is only a wonder

A misconception taken under

Under my wings

But of all things

Love, I'm not ready to embrace

More willingly not face

Strangely enough

Life is vigorous and rough

So I continue to linger

On the faith I have in God

Knowing his blessings are mystic

but never odd

Maybe love will find me

In a desolate place

Where loneliness would erase

What I couldn't face

Maybe love will flourish in my case

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem partially on what I felt and the other part was based on fiction. When I'm feeling something I just get a pen and paper and start writing. This poem is from my poetry book "Diary of an Angry Black Woman."

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