Love is something I can't erase

The love I dealt

Epitomized how I felt

As my heart began to melt

As the woman who sings

About all things

Love too has given me wings

Like the motivator whom has self-esteem

Speaking highly of their dream

I too want to tell others of love no matter how dreadful it may seem

Similar to a wife and her devotion

Channeling every emotion

I am of love's notion

Lively tormented hour after hour

Entrapped in love's power

Hatred divided while love may devour

Consuming my thoughts

Controlling my brain

Endlessly causing pain

Paling in my complexion

Loss my sense of direction

Giving into love's affection

Depriving myself of what's mentionable

Preying on my own potential

Yet love on it's own is consequential

Having loving still

My heart couldn't heal

Being complaisant to the love that I feel

Broken in spirit

So much denied

Holding within all to which I've lied

Lying still

For love's capture

Falling victim to it's rapture

Within the captivity

I feel strangled

Love has me captive, it has me entangled

For whom can't be mangled

It opens my eyes... what I haven't seen

yet I try to decipher what it may mean

But I can't contravene

Love has chosen me

Out of those who may be

Lacking love but wants to see

Yet I wait patiently for his embrace

Having loved but haven't seen his face

Love is something I can't erase

((Dedicated to you, continuation to "Lost")) You know who you are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem about somebody I fell in love with. It's a continuation to "Lost."

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