Tell the rainmaker to come and take away my pain

Tell him my love for them is going in vain

How can I love them when they refuse to love me?

I can only define but I fully don't understand what is a family

Having cried so many times yet my heart is willing

Willing to give my burdens unto God and receive my healing

I sit here looking at a broken spirit

Of a girl gone mad

And I look at her life and all the traumas she's had

Looking out her eyes at a world so corrupt

Living without a cause

Her life was at a stand still

Life was at a pause

She stood still chanting a prayer of death

Until she surpassed her fear

Uttering out words within a whisper

No one could hear

There isn't any wisdom or encouragement anyone could insert

She's slowly, slowly taking in the effects of the hurt

Hatred she forbids to ever encounter

Despite the deceit

She's has chosen to keep falling

And never again feel the strength of her feet

Maybe I am in denial

But I've come to this conclusion

I am now dysfunctional

Yet it is not an illusion

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