I'm about loving, No doubt

The creation included such innoncent grace

It created him and I looked in his face

His eyes were dark and his smile gave me light

His presence was shown, his figure was within my sight

His way of speech. The way his mouth would arch

Excitement arose like a thousand people at march

His strength, the warmth of a arm

Could certainly ensure me of no harm

His personality gave away what he thought

Enclosure my feelings caught

His belief, his self-esteem. Isn't he the one posted in my dream?

His soft dark skin and muscles seem to widen my eyes

Slick, his slick way of being handsome makes me forge lies

His lips small and wet makes them fit to kiss

His body is bangin' the view isn't hard to miss

He's annonying but that's what makes him so cute and makes him look so mad

He's the most adolerable boy even when he's sad

He has this mad appeal. It can only deepin' the way I feel

Oh, he's so sexy but he isn't mine

He ain't just cute he's fine

How can I get next to him, I wonder?

Should I just storm on in and show him my thunder?

Make him bite his tongue when he tastes my milkshake?

Make him eat the crums when I give him some of my cake?

Make him hard as a stone?

Let him stay in an environment of my own?

Make his eyes roll to the back of his head?

Make him ponder off all I've said?

Make him tame my beast cause'I'm a freek-a-leek?

Take away all his strength make him weak?

Make him wonder how...

..my coochie never failed me, even now?

((Like Solider Slim))He's gonna want me to slow down cause I'm going to be moving to fast

His fingers will be slipping while he's trys to grip my a**

Make him need an X-ray

Just to see what I did to him that day?

I can do all this but I don't want him to think that's what I'm all about

I'm about loving, no doubt  

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