We're Through

True love you know was never within you

From the letters to the talk, everything you would do

Every passion, every laugh, every moment was a fake

From the conversations to the promises you would always make

From the letters I wrote and sent

Your shortened answers, things you never meant

From you lying saying you want me around

Remember those two letters to your ex-girl I found

You said you loved me and just like that you took those words a way

I felt like saying fuck you I don't want to hear what you have to say

Your every motive it seemed was to get me in bed

But I told you I wasn't easy and those things would remain in your head

Your every emotion made, somehow connected to lust

Like sex was mandatory, like it was a must

Damn boy you ignored me because I gave you too much affection

But you ain't perfect. Have you ever looked at your reflection?

I gave you too many compliments like, "I like your smile."

Every one gives them but you won't be getting mines for quite some while

My heart is not a toy. It you can't fix, tear, or break

I'm not vulnerable, it you can't take

You act as if you're timid, you said you were too shy

And I believed in you, believed in another lie

I regret the day I  met you, the day I learned of your name

All boys are basically dogs and like them you're the same

I wish I never saw you. I wish with you I didn't flirt

Because now I see your intentions and I felt like shit and called you dirt

But a new day has come and a new day is a brew

And like a famous song once said, "We're through."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem because of a boyfriend who had done me wrong.

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