Favorite Child

Blessings be to the favorite child

Who snatches the joy

And relentlessly leaves me within the crowd

Curses my birth Smiles with grace

And yet may hatred hide

As if good and evil couldn't ever collide

Pulls me down whenever the horrid event isn't in view

But when visible they say in a false sympathetic voice, "I love all of you."

Hugging the woman who breeds

As they both collaboratively laugh at my emotional needs

Of my past they mock

Leaving me to be distraught

As I am Rembrandt of all the demons I've fought

Eying me with eyes that plague the soul

Very mention ate of me in ugly ways

Yet they show no mercy

Shameful of me as if they were expectant

Of a opinion-less young lady who bows to all with a greeting curtsy

Killing me with all the verbal usage

Despite my crying

It's very futile for me to keep trying

Imploring the worst, thinking of me the least

I can't look into your eyes

And make conversation when we feast

Cliches about me are of plenty, all I have mostly heard

But when you say them it hurts each and every single word

Confusion has a toll on you even at your age

One moment your happy with me

And the next you have rage

I can't decipher your supposed love for me

With the mirror it's crystal clear but with you I don't see

The life I wish to live can only be summoned within what I've dreamed

And come to life once you and I have been redeemed

My life seems to be troubled, confused, and mild

Yet you cling to him, your favorite child

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