Found friend

Not a lover

Has given me feelings I don't want to discover

Yet I suffer with the danger

Of loving a new found stranger

Giving me enlightment

So tell me how to deal with the symptons of love

While I pray for guidance from the Lord above

Yet I tell you how I feel

And you don't even reply

So I feel so empty, heartbroken, pitiful, except I didn't cry.

How could you have this tremendous appeal?

And how could I love something that isn't real?

But I can't escape what I can't embrace

Loving you yet I haven't seen your face

I can only love you by the things you write

And never feel your warmth on a lonesome night

I wish I had some clarity to show you what I mean

How so much love is present now in a frustrated teen

I have trouble keeping steady

Of a heart that is willing and ready

Having been there before no one has to tell me of the cost

God have pity on a girl whose lost

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for someone whom I love yet I never seen.

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