Going Insane

Figuratively speaking love is the light

Passion is the drawer

That calls me near

And your voice is the grievious song

trembling within my ear

I can see you

Picture you at night walking down the hall

Reality doesn't matter

After all nothing matters at all.

I walk towards you and....

....Here I am reaching

Reaching for something I can't grasp.

Getting closer and I feel of faint

Am I about to collaspe?

I feel a shortage of breath

My throat is enclosing

...well it is misfortune,

Misfortune I am now opposing

Thinking now because I can't understand

I reached for you

I thought I touched your hand.

But as I recall my hand went right through

And I felt...

...Felt nothing of you.

Here I sit with skin gravely pale

Arms scorched...

...As if I were engulfed by the firery pits of hell

Looking at the surfacing of the roof

Not distinguishing between what's real and what's not

Sweat slowly colliding down my cheeks as if it's hot

Because I know it's the hour in which you come

Tormenting me as if you were here

When in truth you're really no where near

I wish only that you weren't illusional

And that every night I wouldn't feel as if I'm dillusional

You should be here.

Why did you leave?

I sit here with a broken heart.

I can never piece the puzzle back together...

... now that pieces are apart.

Every night this scene is played

But you're only within my head

I can't except the fact that you're really dead.

I know that you could never be given your life back

But that won't ease the pain

I'm sitting here slowly going insane.

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