Blank Page


And I’m torn between success and failure


Every move I make right now is major


If you knew me two years ago, I’ve changed


I’m still goin for the top, just switched lanes


N I’mma keep going, I’m stayin focused


My social life holding, you probly noticed


U kno how I am tho, one thing at a time


But just let me go, n I’ll bring home the prize


For the ones left behind, I hate I had to do that


Real talk, that’s the one part I do regret


N I constantly remember all the good times


Them close call, but we made it ,nights


N I’ll never forget what every fight taught me


N the bond you have with people, when y’all have nothing


N the love you can only find out in the streets


I swear, compared to that, aint nobody out here understand loyalty


N I still stand behind every word that comes out my mouth


Even if it don’t make sense, you know I mean what I say out loud


N I quit the parties, I dropped the “I’m the best” act


Not saying I was lying, but I learned a little respect


N I have been on my books, its not an excuse


I’m gonna be successful, and I can’t afford to lose


I don’t wanna repeat my past, starting over every 3 months


N making more mistakes trynna fix what I already messed up


I’m going to make it, if I die tryin


I’m makin myself a nice bed to lie in