Don't lose track


Now my feelings they hide and they stack, and then they fall before they last


Their uncontrollable, I lost control, I wish control was something I had


Now listen, I’m releasing what’s inside of me, these are my real feelings


I don’t even know what they gonna be, until it comes out through the ink


Like these stomache knots, what the hell is that about


Well see, I waited my whole life to have what I have now


And any sudden movement is going to tear that down


If I don’t make the best decision tomarow, today was a waste


I’m walking on thin ice, making sure I take advantage of every single day


And I’m tired of losing, I’ve lost too many times in life


Startiving over became a habit and I’m not going to fail this time


And winning is my new move…breathe it, live it, love it


Time management has become my new something outta nothin


And time is money, either you pay or get paid


Or you study your ass off to change your paying wage


And if I don’t do it right, there’s no turning back


And you only get ONE LIFE, stop forgetting that


And these feelings bottle up, and I’m wasting my thoughts


Gotta keep moving forward, cuz any other way you gonna get lost


You gonna find something new, and try to figure out where it belongs


Then you gonna get stuck, trynna get back to the right route


These are just the thoughts comin outta my mind right now


And behind these thoughts are details only I can see


But I write it out, just to understand what they mean


Like expressisng my feelings wasn’t hard enough


I need writing words to understand that stuff

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I changed my life around. Still workin on it, but u kno its easy to go back so gotta reasure yourself sometimes