You Broke Me

Soul Poetry


My heart didn't use to be

so wary,

So numb

So shattered...and so lonely.


It didn't happen



More like years

of careless



Too many nights of neglect.


It took time to shatter

so many hopes,

so many dreams.

To un-fall

what I once fell into.


See, all those words,

just used like weapons?

Aiming to hurt

to wound

and to crush?


All those looks given,

as though such disdain

was from where they came?


Its never changed

for each day brings

more of the same.


Except now?

Now I have no more reason

to keep myself

aligned, so a target.

Nothing now,

to hold the ties

that no longer bind...


But as usual,

I remain incarcerated.

For I have nowhere

and nothing to call my own-

as so often,

I'm reminded.

But one day...

And no,

this isn't bitterness,

it isn't anger.

Nor revenge.


 Its simply that...


You broke me.


Its survival.


You broke me.


Its awakening.


You broke me.


It's mine.


And no one

can pick up 

my pieces

and attempt

the repairing.

No one,

but me.

I'll fix me-

since you...

You broke me.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

You Broke Me

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