Muse, Unamused

Soul Poetry



I sense my muse awakening-

And she has something to say.

For too long now, she was muted,

Imprisoned and locked away.


She's seen so much and isn't afraid,

To speak out, what I keep inside.

No longer can I tame her tongue,

When her mind is so opened wide.


She knows all of my unmet dreams,

And of all my deepest secrets too.

The words I've been, remiss to utter-

She fears not, their breaking through.


She's tired of watching them hurt me,

With intent so sharp and course.

I wonder how, they'll all react,

When she releases all her force.


Maybe I can, control her actions,

Prevent the outcome, of her outcry.

Maybe I can stop, her rampaging will.

Maybe...I won't even try.


For they more than have it coming,

After the ways they caused my grieving.

She only wishes now, to be my voice,

So I can silently take my leaving.



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