Hope, Strength and Resistance



I've tried so long, so hard, to never fully break,

But so many of my smiles, well, they were only fake.

In vain, I even dreamed, of maybe some better days,

Only I couldn't see them, for this pain's cruel haze.

Relief is fleeting, in the rare moments it appears.

I'm shocked I'm still afloat, in this flood of my tears.

Nowhere is there a place, save for Heaven's Merciful Grace,

That will allow respite, from this agony, continuously, I  face.

So that is my goal, the destination I most anxiously await,

That will one day release me, at last, from this earthly fate.

But until then, I remain victim, of this tormenting subsistence,

I only pray I can hold on, with hope, strength and resistance. 


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