About An Amish Farm


Acres and acres of lush, green land,
As far as my eyes can view.
Rows of corn, standing tall,

So high and straight, they grew.


Silos dot, along the landscape,
Filled with a previous harvest's yield.
Windmills stand, like metal skeletons,
Alongside every, plowed-straight field.


Plows, pulled by mighty horses,
Doing the work of mighty machines.
Families working, side by side,
It all looks so calm, so very serene.


Gardens there, are overflowing,
With vegetables ripe and ready.
Orchard trees, groaning from weight,
Of fruits, with fragrance's, heady.


Colorful clothes, hang across a line,
Drying in nature's wind-blown way.
Sizes going, from big, then to small,
Tell you that, today is washing day.


Quilts of rainbow, colored hues,
Draped across, a front porch rail.
A sign tacked there, upon a post,
Announcing they are, 'For Sale'.


A farmhouse with, a few additions,

For their now older, generations.

Grandparents aren't put, into nursing homes,

But cared for, by their own relations.


A barn, a coop, a buggy shed,

A phone shanty, at the end of the lane.

Maybe even, a roadside stand,

Selling fresh produce and trinkets, plain.


Scents there, they all mingle together,
Apples, and still-warm, shoe-fly pie.
And from the barnyard, you can smell,
Fertilizer's tell-tale odor, a-drifting by.


No rush-about, to get things done,

That aren't too important, anyway,

Leaves more time, for family and friends-

More time to think...and more time to pray.


Little children, all scamper about,

In stair-step sizes aplenty.

Its fun to see them bustle around,

And try to count, just how many!


Each of them, has their tasks,

And sets about, doing their chores.

Their time isn't spent, with video games,

But actually enjoying, the wondrous outdoors!


Daad, is out there, in the field,

And Mamm is inside, baking bread.

The home is stark, in a simple beauty-

The family Bible, well-worn...and well-read.


No electric lights, or annoying sounds,

Of too many devices, all distracting.

No, here is a family, being a family,

That are actually together, and interacting!


An Amish farm, just makes you feel,
Like you went back, to a time before.
A time of peace, and of simpler life,
Which to me, is it's most beckoning lure.


I wish more people, could learn from them,

About Faith, about family, about forgiving.

For there's something about, an Amish Farm,

That makes a simpler life, so worth living.



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