To Touch His Precious Face


I wanna take the hand of Jesus,

And look into His eyes.

Kneel before Him, in total submission,

And then before Him, arise.

To tell Him how I love Him,

How that He is, my All.

That I am grateful, for every time,

He lifted me, when I'd fall.


Just to stand, there with Him,

In all of Heaven's sight.

To finally meet, my Lord and Savior,

And feel the warming of His Light.

To know that finally, it's done,

My pain and suffering, is no more.

For there on out, will only be Joy,

From the One, that I adore.


I wanna be there, in His presence,

Just feeling His Mercy and Peace.

Giving up all earthly ties,

To feel that sweet release.

I'll give Him all the Glory,

Thank Him for all His Grace.

Reaching out, a timid hand,

To touch His precious face.









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