The Corner of Mercy and Grace


So many roads, lead to nowhere,

But for plenty, its those they take.

Because they are lost and wandering,

And old habits are hard to break.


But me, I chose a different path,

Walking away from that sinful place.

Now all my roads, lead straight to Heaven-

I'm at the corner of Mercy and Grace.


See, shortcuts never helped me to find,

What I thought I was searching for.

They only confused my sense of direction,

And led me to wandering, even more.


Even though I plainly saw the signs,

On every one-way, dead end street,

I followed blindly, the easy temptations,

Loosing control of my own two feet.


When finally too lost, to find my way,

A stranger appeared with eyes so calm.

He pointed me, the way I should turn-

And I saw the wound there on His palm.


I took His hand and asked Him then,

"How did such a terrible scar come to be?"

Showing me, His other hand, He spoke,

"I took these scars, to set you free."


In a flash of such a revelation,

I felt a peace I'd never known.

Instantly I knew, on all those lonely roads,

That I was never, really alone.


I humbly bowed my head and fell,

Prone there, at His feet and cried.

"Forgive me Lord, for all my sins,

For which You so lovingly died."


"Help me Jesus, to make my life new,

To be the person You would have me be.

Take these burdens and take these chains,

Of them, I so long now, to be free!"

He raised me up, to stand before Him,

Saying, "Beloved, you are created now, anew.

The past is gone, forever forgotten.

...The Father has forgiven you."


He said, "Child, if you now follow Me,

I'll lead you onward, to another place."

I saw then, I was no longer, where I was before,

For He led me to the corner, of Mercy and Grace!


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