A Part Of Life

Family & Memories

I wish that I could turn back time,
To when they all were little ones.
I'd keep them small and away from harm-
My daughter and my three sons.

But that's not very logical thinking,
For growing up, is a part of life.
But still I wish, to keep them all safe,
From any harm and from any strife.

But time cannot be put off its mark,
Nor simply stopped by my own hand.
Everything happens in God's own time,
And nothing, by us, is ever planned.

So I shall let them all be grown,
Even though I miss those gone-by years.
I pray that God, will see them through,
Any hardships, troubles or fears.

And too, I pray He gives me the Grace I need,
To stand back and smile and let them all fly.
Moms can't always pick them up when they fall.
But a mom is always allowed, to secretly cry.

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