How Can You Not Believe?


By just the light in a child's eyes,

Tells me, He is real.

In just the way, my heart beats,

With every emotion that I feel.


In simple little daily things,

We too oft take for granted.

In every tree, grown so tall,

From every seed He's ever planted.


By the twinkling of every single star,

Up and away, so far above.

In the precious way a baby smiles,

And fills your heart with love.


In every single colorful sunrise,

And every magical sunset scene.

With the rising of the moon each night,

And the glow of each moonbeam.


In how a tiny flower bud,

Can bloom into such perfection.

And how an ocean so very vast,

Can shimmer your own reflection.


In every moment of my life,

I know by Faith, He hears every prayer.

So how can anyone, not believe?

That God, has always been there?


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