Lupus, Let Me Be!


I'm tired of your intrusions,

Upon my life.

All you give me is pain,

And constant strife!

What is your motive,

For being so cruel?

Why do you mock me,

And make me your fool?

You've taken so much,

You never let up at all.

You take such pleasure,

In watching me crawl!

You're sadistic and twisted,

Like a demon from hell.

You won't let me have peace,

Or let me feel well!

What will it take,

To send you off and away?

Must I sell you my soul,

For just one pain-free day?

Where is your mercy?

Or have you not any?

Have you never enough victims?

You've affected so many!

Damn your invasion,

Of every part of me!

Just please go away-

Lupus, let me be!

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