These Words I Breathe

These words I breathe-

a whispered caress,

from vocalized mind,

to awaiting parted lips-

They flow in quiet form,

upon linen-crisped pages,

yet unturned,

...yet unread.

Like an inhale of

exhaled thought,

they expel lightly,

on these winds of my changes-

Always drifting,

along errant breezes,

caught-up in clouds,

they drift into their formings.

Uttered in hushed silences

of a mind in repose-

life given to unborn conceptions,

the first cries of an inner child.

Spewed forth after birth,

these after-thoughts,

are at last given voice-

and hense, are heard.

Too-long having gone muted,

now to be viewed,

now to be admired-

a newborn creation.

These words I breathe-

akin to very first breaths,

an intense need to be voiced,

before I succumb this soul.

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