You've been my sturdy lifeline,

that I've hung on to tightly,

while feeling so adrift

out in these unknown waters-

on this uncharted course.

You helped me stay afloat,

all those many times,

when I felt so very alone-

like I was going under

into these tides of emotion.

You encouraged me, continuously,

to keep treading the waters,

and keep looking forward,

to that then, far-off horizon,

that now, is in my sights.

You made me feel,

not so stranded a cast-away,

wandering hopeless,

on what I thought,

was my own deserted island.

You showed me how to survive,

this isolated feeling,

by using what lie before me,

as a beacon to guide me,

to the place I thought I'd never find.

Now, it's there, looming,

not far off my line of vision.

And I can now see, as you all did,

the joy awaiting there,

almost within' my reach.

And to you, who tossed me a lifeline,

on which I clung to,

I thank you with a deepfelt heart,

for being my lighthouse,

and guiding me through, this passing storm.

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