Bridging The GAP


We come here as strangers,

But wind up, becoming friends.

The support, the comfort, the kindness,

Seems to never end.

We brag, we laugh, we share,

These new moments in our lives.

We're an extended family-

Mothers, Fathers, friends and wives.

So many more people make up this place,

Those who love a Soldier too-

Brothers, sisters, girlfriends, cousins,

The love just shines right through.

When someone needs a shoulder,

Or just a listening ear,

They know where they can find one,

For that place is right in here.

On days when its the hardest,

And you think you'll fall apart,

For sure and certain, someone here,

Will help ease your hurting heart.

The joys and laughter and the tears,

Reverberate through, these virtual walls.

As does the fear and sadness,

When our Soldier's duty calls.

There's a solace and a sanctuary found,

When we come here, to spend our time,

Whether its to ask a question,

Or simply to just unwind.

We've bridged the GAP across this Country,

From Sea to shining sea.

With hands extened across each mile,

Its a most wonderful place to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is written about a site for ARMY parents/family/frriends, called, goARMYparents-GAP, for short.
You can also see this poem on a graphic I made, right here:

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