Dear Mr. Drill Sergeant,


I thought that I would write to you,

And let you know some things-

First off, I tend to get upset,

If on Sunday, my phone doesn't ring!

You have my son there, under your command,

And while he may have to answer to you,

I'm a MOM and don't have to, therefore,

There's some things YOU need to do!

My son likes, to sleep in late,

Its just always been his way.

So don't dare wake him up before noon,

To start your little training day.

If he complains, that its too hot,

For pushups and playing with guns,

Make sure he has, his canteen full,

And SPF 50, to deter the sun.

And if he doesn't, make his bed,

To your exact specifications,

Be happy that he made it at all,

And give him 'Congratulations'.

My son likes his steaks, medium rare,

So make sure they cook it right.

And don't be giving him any Fireguard duty,

So he can get more rest at night.

Don't be telling him to 'Drop',

To give you fifty or more.

Because it wears him out, you see,

And could make his muscles sore.

And could you please, stop that screaming,

You do in the Soldier's ears???

Its really quite annoying to do,

And could possibly hurt their ability to hear!

Now, on the subject of weaponry,

I don't want him playing with dangerous things.

And could you put, some upbeat music,

To those cadences that they sing???

You may think this funny and all,

But let's get something straight-

You may have him for 9 weeks,

But I had 9 months to wait!!!

See, Moms are not, intimated by you,

And if I may be quite so frank-

You control them, but don't control us,

Because WE hold the HIGHER RANK!

So jump down off the power trip,

And hit that dusty floor.

Because when I'm done 'Smoking' you,

Drop and give me 100 more!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shhh...don't tell my son's DS's I wrote this!!! roflmao!!!

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