I Know You're There

Lord, I know you're there-

I can feel You near to me.

The peaceful feeling is all around,

As in my mind, Your face, I see.

Even though, it all seems lost,

And some days its hard to cope.

I know You're there, leading me,

And giving me a reason to hope.

And when I feel, at that lowest point,

When there's nothing else but dread,

I remember You are at my side.

I remember for me...You bled.

Sometimes I try, to go it alone,

But it never gets me very far.

So I open up and pray again,

And as always...there You are.

And in the darkest of moments,

When even the day, seems night,

Lord, I know, You're there for me,

And I bask in Your Glorious Light.

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