At His Feet

Fear becomes so overwhelming,

When you fear it all alone.

Worry turns to wariness,

That can turn a heart to stone.

Apprehension, becomes a burden,

When carried by only you.

Concern can weigh you down,

When all seems so askew.

Distress of things, you can't control,

Makes you think the worst.

Torment leaves you feeling as though,

You think your heart will burst.

Problems always seem their biggest,

When you have nothing to compare.

Disquiet seems to twist your soul,

When you dwell in such despair.

But there is someplace, you can go,

To put all these things to rest.

A place where calmness is a balm,

When your feeling overstressed.

So, I took up all my burdens and woes,

To the place where I feel complete.

I gave them up, and felt peace again,

As I laid them, at His feet.

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