Sated Senses


Touch me.

Trail each contour and valley

with blue-collar-rough fingertips,

that know well,

my paths of longing.

Inhale the scent of desire,


with the musky perspiration

of nature's sensual cologne,

laced with a lingering hint of bath oil.

Listen to the whispered sounds;

little sighs and moans,

the whimpered wanting

that resounds from within' this room,

in carnal conversation.

With glassy-eyed passion,

view the scenery

from the heights we scale

and visualize heaven's feast,

as we crest this mountain as one.

Taste the nectars of submission.

Sip, like pink champagne,

but drink with parched tongue,

the moonshine that pours,

until you are inebriated.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2003

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