For Medicinal Purposes

Funny, Ha, Ha

Should they make it legal,

for those of us who are ill,

I'll get right in line,

make sure I get my fill!

It'll probably come,

from down the border South.

I'll more than happily deal with,

that old cotton mouth.

Light me up a fatty,

inhale it really deep.

One for when I awake,

one before I sleep.

Prescription that would come,

with a pack of EZ-Widers.

I'd get so darn happy and high,

they'll think I'm an airplane glider!

I'd need to stock up on snacks,

for all those late-night munchies.

Some chocolates for the sweets,

some chips to quell the crunchies!

I'd be feeling no more pain,

from my stash, so un-prohibited.

As long as my doctor, gives me,

my refills, unlimited!!!

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Written: 11/25/02

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