Hey...Its Spring!


You know what I just noticed,

as I looked outside my door?

Its green, its lush, its beautiful,

the snow is there no more!

Where has spring been hiding?

and when did it come out?

How did I miss it,

the buds and all the sprouts?

Guess I was too busy,

too preoccupied.

to see the new awakening,

the birth of spring outside.

Now I want to run,

barefooted in the grass.

Feel like a young girl again,

full of life and sass!

Maybe pick a flower,

inhale its very scent.

Breathe it in and savour,

till all your senses are spent.

Listen for the singing,

coming from the birds.

Lean your ear far enough,

you can almost hear their words.

Ahhh..now a spring rain,

is falling all around.

I can smell its sweet odor,

as it descends into the ground.

Spring is there outside now,

a pleasure to behold.

The sun, the rain, the colors,

and the simple marigold.

So lets go out and play,

for it won't be very long.

And we will all be singing,

a different season's song!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 05/05/01

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