The Queen's Night

Jus 4 Fun

"A party for the Queen!" was royaly announced.

Preperations were made, as the servents all trounced.

Invitations were sent, decorations were hung.

There was to be an orchestra, and a lady who sung.

They hired a man, to do a dance.

No one expected, he'd take off his pants!

The Queen, she gasped. Her face was blushed.

The entire room, was quickly hushed.

The guards went to take him, but the Queen's finger gave wag,

as she pulled out some dollars, from her faithful handbag!

The guests were all shocked, as the dancer strip-teased,

but shocked even more...for the Queen, she looked pleased!

The Queen got up, and put a bill in his string.

Some ladies there fainted, that she'd do such a thing!

But she just said with wink, "It gets lonely in this palace."

and gave him a drink, from her royal chalace!

Everyone thought, he'd sure loose his head.

But the very next morning, he awoke in her bed!

He said, "Your Majesty! What have you done?"

She replied, "Oh, relax. Even Queens need some fun!"

She pulled him back, under her covers,

as rumors flew through the kingdom, that they were now lovers!

Its said she slipped a 'micky', into that drink she gave,

and took quite the advantage, making him, her 'love slave!'

Now she is branded a trollop, who's loose and quite flighty.

But thank the Lord in the Heaven's above, only he saw the Queen's nighty!

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Written: 05-03

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