Computer Confession

Jus 4 Fun

Broken little bits of plastic,

metal, glass.

Insides twisted in a mass of confusion and wires.

Memory, brains

scattered all about.

Tattered and beaten for all its frustrations caused!


it caused its own demise!

Its own...


No jury would convict me!

It was self defense!

It taunted and teased me!

It froze and refused to move!

It shut down and turned away!

I had to do it!

It was it....or me!

It even tried to frame me in the past!

'Illegal Operation' arse!

I did nothing wrong but defend my sanity!

It left me no choice.

Now...its dead.

I made it look like an act of compuside!

Even had it download its own goodbye note.

I left no evidence behind.

Funny thing, that... 'FILE CANNOT BE FOUND.'

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Written: 03/15/02

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