Make Mine A Double

Rhyming Poetry

Bartender, hit me,

I've got a heavy mind.

So go ahead, make it a double,

I've got plenty of time.

I know you've heard it all,

every sad and sorrid tale,

so I won't bother you with mine,

just pour your whiskey and ale.

I won't tell you how it hurts,

or just how mad I feel.

Or tell you how, life really sucks,

and how I've gotten the rawest deal.

Won't regale you with the details,

of how nobody cares.

About the way, they take advantage,

and how its just not fair!

No, I'll just sit here, on this stool,

not making a single sound.

I won't bore you with my woes,

while I wait on the next cold round.

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