I Am Numb...



too real

but I remain awake

I am numb

my limbs feel as stone

heavy as my heart



like a repeat of a day past

but in reverse

I am numb

fingers drag across

this tear moistened keyboard

Saddness streaks across

our blue skies

reflected in eyes

of grief and disbelief

I am numb

terrible pain fills me

emotional twisting of soul

dizzy-minded from views on

the screen

I pray their passing

was painless and quick,

that their families

find strength and comfort

I am numb

human reaction to ward away

devestation and confusuion

yet no protective covering

thick enough to deter this...

the only part of me that

moves freely now

are tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written:02-01-03 In Memory of the Lost Members Of the Columbia Space Shuttle

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