What Don't You Get?


What is it about this,

that you don't get?

Why do you stand there, clueless,

to my pain?

Do I need to be writing on the floor,

in this utter agony,

or have a 'visable' deformity

or handicap, for you to 'see'?

Does my suffering

have to effect YOU in some way,

before it becomes important enough,

to even try and understand?

Do I need 'LUPUS'

stamped across my forehead,

or blinking off my person,

in a purple neon sign?

Will my death be the only clue,

that makes you stand back and think,

"Wow, I guess she really was,

THAT sick."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all those, who just don't 'get it.'

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