Counting My Losses


I'm much too tired to go on like this,

The will to fight, in me, is gone.

I can't see past the pain anymore,

Or the reason in holding on.

I'm not much of a betting-person,

But now, I think I'll let it all ride.

I'll count my losses and leave the table,

Once again on the loosing side.

All my chips are down now,

Its a gamble I'll willing to take.

My very life is in the pot,

Of this wager I will stake.

Its always been a long-shot,

That I'd come out even, at least.

I'd venture this is just my luck,

For me, the chance has ceased.

Life has dealt me a mighty cruel hand,

And its time I fold and run.

This game has lost its intrest to me,

So I'll just cash-in...and be done.

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