Soul Poetry

Someday I want, to just be free,

Free from all my pain.

Able to fly off, by myself,

Unfettered by all my strain.

I long for simple, happy days,

Where agony does not exist.

A time when laughter easily comes,

Where misery would not be missed.

I dream of being well again,

From diseases that take their toll.

Just even a day, would be enough,

To ease this tortured soul.

I wish I could return to when,

There was nothing to hold me back.

No barriers, nor heavy chains,

Nor fears of the next attack.

I wonder what, it would feel like,

For its been so very long.

I can't remember the way it felt,

To be well and feeling strong.

But alas, its only wishful thoughts,

Of hopes that never can be.

For life has beaten me, all but down,

And left its invisible scars on me.

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