Military Mother's Prayer


Military Mother's Prayer

Oh Lord, My God, My Saviour, You, who gaveth me, my son,

I pray for Your Almighty protection, over this journey he's now begun.

The child which You gave me, Father, hath now grown to a man-

And now into a Soldier, Lord, all from what You, began.

Fill him, Lord, with courage and strength. Make him stalwart of body and mind.

Guide him, Father, through any trials, and duties to which he's assigned.

Make him brave, but keep him wise, and wary of enemies and foes.

Protect him from their wicked ways, wherever the land he goes.

You blessed me, Lord, the day he was born , and I praise You for such a gift.

But I'll worry so, now that he's going-So his protection to You, I uplift.

Keep him safe from the harms of life, and from the dangers and perils of war.

I pray, Lord, You send, Your legions of Angels, to guard over him, evermore.

I know You have, the ultimate control, of all that is, and all shall be.

But Lord, please hear, this Military Mother's Prayer, and always return him safely, to me.

And Lord I pray, You'll also bless me, with courage, bravery and Grace.

For I'll need all the strength and support, until I next see his smiling face.


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Author's Notes/Comments: 

I read this outloud to my son, Zach, at a family party 2 days before he left for ARMY BASIC RAINING.

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