A Soul Speaks...And Is Heard


"I want my voice heard." He so eloquently said-

With a shy little turn, of his silver-topped head.

"Because I have one."...He replied to the next queary.

And he made it on through, though one was leary.

He was different and raw, with a new soulful sound.

I knew right then, the next idol...was found.

They called him, 'That Old Guy'-'The one with the gray hair'

'The one who dances so funky, without a care!'

But many took notice and soon learned his name.

Now they said, "That Taylor Hicks...he's sure headed for fame!"

He delighted the crowds, with his own unique style.

They fell in love with his charm and his boyish smile.

When he took the stage, he all but owned the show.

As his fanbase, by the thousands, continued to grow.

He had the talent, he was so in control.

And now, he had many believers, in his Soul Patrol!

He graciously acknowledged them, with hearty shout-outs.

These people who stuck with him, without any doubts.

He moved, he inspired, he gave something old, yet so new.

Doing it all, his own way, and not what others said,  he should do.

With each passing week, he remained untouched and strong.

The millions who dialed his numbers, couldn't be wrong.

They knew he had something, so different and desired.

So far from the 'pop-scene' of which, so many had tired.

He excited, he enlivened, he gave it his all.

And each, 'deciding night', he remained, standing tall.

We knew what we wanted, and what we liked best.

For while others too, were good, he simply outshined the rest.

We bought his cds, that he'd done before.

We knew real talent when we heard it...and we wanted more!

He spoke with his eyes, he sang from his soul.

He reminded us, of another, they called, the King of Rock & Roll.

We'd heard his voice, like he'd so desired.

And we answered back quite loudly, for  we were inspired.

The moment of his truth, finally came to pass.

He'd done it! He'd won! Our American Idol, at last!

The emotion he showed, was so full of pure delight.

And oh, how he shined-It was truely his night!

He's not done by far-No, he has yet, much to say.

And we'll keep on hearing him, for he's long here...to stay.


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