All For Nothing

The Dark Side

Oh, Life,

You've so failed.

Turned me away-

Took something

that could have been great-

and left me with nothing.

You trampled on me,

when already was I down.

Tossed me aside,

when it became apparant,

I was less than

your 'perfect'.

Even life wants only what's


and unbroken.

And you saw me as unworthy

of even simple pleasures

and so-longed-for dreams.

But I am not the one at fault-

For you made me wretched.

You broke me,

time and time again-

Never even giving me,

my chance to shine or rise above.

For each step I attempted forward,

you jerked me back

a misery mile.

You gave me no slack,

and even less

with which to work with.

You've taken away my potential

and stripped me bare of my will.

So all which remains,

is my emptiness,

my sorrow-

my failure to thrive.

I could have done you proud-

but even pride, you discarded.

Every hope, you stole.

Every dream,

you turned nightmare.

Every right, have you wronged.

So this is what you have of me now-

most of my nothing,

much of my sorrows,

many of my desires,

and all

of my disdain.

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